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In M, you will be using only the very best facilities. See the details for each studio below or download the pdf for a complete overview.

Studio A
Studio B
Augmented Chromakey Studio

Studio A

Studio A is where the bigger, serial productions take place. The studio is directly adjacent to the transit area, so it’s easy to drive decors and technical materials right into the studio. The lighting grid is fully equipped with hoists, so the lighting can quickly and easily be adjusted.

  • Direct access to transit area
  • Lighting grid fully equipped with hoists, so adjustable without work platforms or ladders
  • Sufficient hoists equipped with DMX, XLR, Speakon (NL2) and HD-SDI connections
Download the overview

Studio B

Studio B is mainly intended for programmes with a high frequency. There is the option to leave the decor in the studio, so it can quickly be got ready for recording again. This, combined with the fixed lighting grid, ensures an extremely quick start-up, and therefore low production costs.

  • Option to leave decor in studio
  • Fixed lighting grid, enabling quick start
  • Lighting plans easily retrieved from light computer memory
Download the overview

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