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High-quality studios

Our studios provide the space you need to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re making a long-running series or creating content for social media, we ensure you get the best possible technical and personal support. Download the overview with all the specifications to see the many possibilities available for your production.

Studio A
Studio B
Chromakey Studio

Studio A is designed for larger, serial productions. The studio is located right by the transit, so it’s easy to drive decors and technical materials into the studio. The lighting grid is fully equipped with hoists, so lighting can be arranged quickly and easily.

Studio B is set up for programmes with a high frequency. You can leave the set in the studio, so it can quickly be got ready for recording again. This combined with the fixed lighting grid ensures a quick start-up and thus low production costs.

In collaboration with media partner EMG, we facilitate the creation of content using the latest generation of facilities and service-oriented professionals. With access to every imaginable facility and professional support, you really can bring your ideas to life in our new greenroom studio. From programme to product presentation, interview to photo shoot, in the Chroma key studio the possibilities are endless.

Maak je gebruik van onze ruimtes en studio's, stel je dan op de hoogte van onze huisregels. Bij voorbaat dank.

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