M is a melting pot of people, companies and services with media in their DNA.

‘Media-minded’, as we call it.

Together, we are the beating heart of the new media world. In the media building, directors, editors, engineers, designers, producers and writers collaborate on very special stories. Stories that we facilitate with state-of-the-art studios, office spaces, restaurants and workplaces. By thinking with our colleagues, tenants and visitors, we’re able to deliver tailored solutions and together develop new, inspiring ways to make media. And we would love to have the chance to do that with you, too.

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How it began

M is an initiative of the AKN Foundation (the broadcasters AVRO, KRO & NCRV)

The foundation, which has been based in this distinctive building since 2000, aims to bring media makers from a variety of backgrounds together in an innovative environment, to stimulate new collaborations and fresh and forms of media: the idea for the homebase of the media-minded was born. And in June 2018, M officially opened its doors.

The letter M

A dynamic shape

The brand name, M, was inspired by the design of the building itself (there is a large M-shaped sound wave on the roof), its history and the unifying factor: media. In one powerful letter, the media building tells its story.


Working on the future

M is working hard to be sustainable. With its 100% Dutch wind energy, meatless Monday and transition to full LED lighting, our energy-efficient building (label B) is leading the way in Hilversum. Through these and other initiatives, M is making a positive contribution to the energy transition. In addition, M is a partner of Media Groen (Green Media). Media Groen is a project involving media organizations in and around the Media Park who want to make the broadcasting and media industry, which is so important to Hilversum, more sustainable — ecologically, economically and socially. So that the city, its industry and its surroundings can continue to flourish.

Contact details

Rent an office or conferenceroom, Global questions, PR & Communication

Do you want to rent office space, organise an event or hire a meeting room? Or have other questions about M-Mediagebouw? You can contact us at 035 671 4550.

Rent a studio

Do you want to know more about hiring one of our televisionstudios? You can contact us at 035 671 4550.

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